The Dancers' Studio
Classes with Therese Anne...
A typical class begins with a warm-up to bring fluidity into the torso and
arms, with gestures to express sentiments.  The barre is used to
strengthen muscles in our legs.   Moving through space in various
combination patterns of walking and running becomes an
integration of
strength and power
with fluidity and grace.  You'll experience a physical
workout combined with an awareness of how your imaginative mind and
heart come together in a harmonious unity of expression.  You'll be
dancing within one framework of music and communicating to others.

The heart of the class are the dances we learn.  These may be from the
large repertory of solos, duets, and group dances Isadora created or may
be a Therese Anne original composition.

Part of the fun and fulfillment is finding yourself dancing within the
framework of the music.

There are frequent studio presentations and performing is encouraged
but not required.  Private sessions
are recommended for those who need
more depth in their learning process.

Classes are held in a large, sunny light-filled studio.  The studio is also
available for "Salon Performances".

Please Call 607-722-0875 before attending
Classes are subject to change
Tuesdays Late Mornings  11:30am to 1:00pm  
 Isadora Duncan’s Technique and Dance :
ThereseAnne Joseph 607-722-0875
 Discount cards for classes available.

Wednesday Evenings   6:30pm - 8:00pm  
  Ballet Class :
Carolyn Wallace 607-773-3117
Private instruction is also available

Thurssay Evenings  
Women’s Morris Dancers 607-760-9209

email for information

Sunday Afternoons  
  Acrobatic Yoga -

Informal sessions only. For information email or text 607-760-5957

Individual Lessons - Set to Convenience        
$50.00/hour        $65.00/90 min        $95/2 hour

Bring a Friend and Enjoy a Free Class!