Lineage of this Dance...

Therese Anne Joseph saw her first concert of Isadora's dances
at Lori Belilove's studio loft on Franklin Street in NYC on 1979.  She
has studied with Lori Belilove, Andrienne Ramm, Beth Jucovy,
Kathleen Quinlan and Jeanne Brescianni,  original members of the
Isadora Duncan Centennial Company.  Later she was privileged to
be coached and mentored by
Julia Levien and also Hortense
.  She preformed with Duncan groups in New York City,
Conneticut, and Maryland.  In 1991 with a start up grant from the
Charlotte Koch Foundation, she presented a solo performance of
the Duncan Repertory at St. Mark's Dancespace in NYC.  She
established Isadora's Dance Legacy, Inc. in 1994 and with her own
new company of dancers she produced concerts of Duncan Dances
and her own choreographic works in 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, and
1999.  2000 brought her company to the EPAC Theater and the
Binghamton area.  In 2001 she opened
The Dancers' Studio.   
Therese Anne is a third generation Duncan Dancer and has
been teaching Duncan's technique and dances since 1991.
Isadora Duncan, an American, born in Oakland California in
1877,  was always free spirited, close to nature, shunning shoes
to feel the earth through her feet.  The inherent order and
dynamics of the natural world inspired her.  She based her
technique on a person's natural ability to walk, run, skip, leap and
jump.  Discovering the flexibility of the torso and using meaningful
artful gestures, she was the first create dance that expressed
something about the inner life of the soul of a person.  Music was
a valued partner in her dance.  Because of her creative work, the
physical act of dancing was raised to the level of fine art.
Isadora lived most of her life in Europe, performing in large theaters and establishing schools for
children in Germany, France, Greece and Russia.  From these schools came many devoted pupils.  Six
of them - Irma, Anna, Therese (Maria Theresa), Lisa, Margot, and Erica took Duncan's name and
became the first generation of Duncan Dancers.  Of these six, three made their home in New York City,
establishing their own schools and touring companies.  These three were
Anna Duncan, Irma
Duncan, and Maria-Theresa Duncan
Isadora Duncan
Julia Levien and Hortense Kooluris were very  young girls
in the 1930's when they began their studies with these women.  
They learned the technique and the dances and performed
throughout the United States in the companies of
Anna Duncan
and Irma Duncan
.  In the mid 1970's after marriage and child-
rearing, and seeing resurgence of interest in Isadora's work, these
second generation Duncan Dancer's brought into being the
Isadora Duncan Centennial Company.  This began the third and
fourth generation of Duncan Dancers.  Today there are Duncan
schools and companies in many US cities and in Europe.
Julia Levien

Therese Anne Joseph
The Dancers' Studio