The Dancers' Studio
Therese Anne is a noted Duncan Dancer, a teacher and a choreographer.  She has been
involved with the dance, legacy and artistry of Isadora since 1981.

Originally from Binghamton, NY, Therese Anne graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree
from Connecticut College, majoring in Philosophy with a minor in German.  She continued
her study of German at the University of Freiburg and then the University of Hamburg.  In
Hamburg she taught American Literature at a Girls Gymnasium.  Back in the USA she was a  
fourth grade teacher in Binghamton before resuming graduate studies in German Literature
at Harpur College.  A growing interest in theater took her to New York City where she
immersed herself in the world of acting, graduating from the theater school affiliated with
Circle-in-the-Square.  Always close to dance, she studied at various schools in NYC, among
them the Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey Schools and the Mary Anthony Dance Studio.  
Seeing a concert of Isadora's dances in the late 70's changed her focus and she began
studying the technique and learning the dances from the Duncan Repertory with Masters,
Julia Levein and Hortense Kooluirs, as well as third generation Duncan dancers.  Therese
Anne has performed in many concerts featuring the dances of Isadora Duncan and
produced ten of her own in NYC before returning to Binghamton and opening  
Dancers' Studio.
Therese Anne Joseph
The Dancer's Studio
Isadora's Dance Legacy